Carcassonne: Die Schule – English translation of the rules

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Short German information (since this blog is normally dedicated to German readers): Als ich am Messestand des Hans im Glück-Verlages war, bekam ich mit, wie innerhalb weniger Minuten viele Leute nach einer englischen Übersetzung der Regeln der neuen Carcassonne-Erweiterung Die Schule (siehe auch hier: Carcassonne: Die Schule und Dominion: Carcassonne – Mitbringsel von der Spielemesse mit gutem Zweck) fragten. Bei der vierten oder fünften Anfrage sagte ich einem der Besucher, dass ich “mal eben” eine Übersetzung schreiben würde und die hier veröffentliche. Gesagt getan…

English translation of the rules for “Carcassonne – Die Schule” (Carcassonne – The school)

This translation is absolutely unofficial – I am not related to “Hans im Glück” and made the translation (and all the included spelling errors and so on) alone. Just for the visitors of the Spiel fair in Essen who wants to understand the rules and who are not comfortable with the German language!


Carcassonne Die Schule (Spiel '11): Das Erweiterungsset (grün, blau, gelb, rot) und Inhalt

  1. 1 teacher meeple (in a random color – the teacher does not belong to any player colors!)
  2. 2 terrain tiles which form the school (on the rear you see the logo of Rainbow over Ghana) – the charity foundation which is supported by selling the expansion set)


The new school tiles have to set near the normal starting tile (the well known one with the street and one half of a city). The teacher meeple has to be placed on the school – where teachers belong!

Carcassonne Die Schule (Spiel '11): Die neuen Karten für die Schule

This shows that this little expansion set has been planned for the normal game and the first expansion (Inns and Cathedrals) set. At the end of the rules you can read that there can be rule questions by using other expansions. In these cases you can mail to the named person. Or you decide it for yourself. When we will play Carcassonne with The School and other expansion sets (like The River) we will adapt the rules so it fits the game – therefore we will plant the school tiles near one of the roads which cross the river.


The normal rules of Carcassone are used in the normal way. The player who closes one (or more) road(s) which leds to the school, receives after the scoring of the street the teacher. The teacher meeple has to be placed in front of the player.
The next time something is being scored in the game, the player with the teacher meeple receives the same amount of points. If the person with the teacher scores for himself he gets the points twice. After the scoring the teacher goes back to school.

When all (six) streets to the school are closed the players have finished the goal to connect the school within the area. The teacher has now enough pupils in the school and therefore he will not leave the school anymore. In other words: At this moment the school and the teacher meeple transform in some special new landscape tiles with no more relevance about the gameplay and scoring.

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  2. Thanks for this. Lucky we met you at the stand.
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  3. Thanks for the translation! Very helpfull!

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